About Jensen

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My name is Jensen Hart Reiter, and I am a shark. I am not a bloodthirsty animal like Jaws, I am a fantasy sports shark. I am a frequent player with an impeccable track record comparable to Brandon Lang (Matthew McConaughey) in Two for the Money. If you are lucky enough to discover this blog you WILL want to capitalize on my weekly picks.

If scrubs like @MatthewBerryTMR and @NateRavitz can get gigs on ESPN giving their picks, then why can’t I?

I am from New York and will graduate Johns Hopkins University this May with a degree in Psychology and minors in Entrepreneurship & Management, and Marketing & Communications.

Don’t forget to lock it in!


2 thoughts on “About Jensen

  1. JR-

    Your blog is fantastic. You seem like such a dedicated and motivated man. Keep doing what you’re doing because it looks like you have a great head on your shoulders. I look forward to seeing your updates.

    Best always,


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