Tumbling Dice

NBA for 4/20/15

Deja Who…. Deja Vu

There is undoubtedly a difference between picking players on a whim and performing the weekly analytics to be successful. Since the Shark has been documenting his picks he has been “in the money” 55% percent of the time. For avid Fanduel”ers” you know this is through the roof. For rookies to Fanduel, you should know this is through the roof. Reading this blog is pretty much comparable to Biff Tannen’s Sports Almanac in Back to the Future Part II. 


Going forward, the Shark will be mixing up NHL and NBA lineups based on matchup preferences and streaks. If I am seeing success with one of the two I will ride that wave. After being impressed with the effort level in some of the first round NBA playoff games, the Shark will lock in a Fanduel. 

Are We Actually Talking About Playoffs?

Contrary to Jim Mora’s beliefs, yes we are talking about playoffs. In my opinion the NBA regular season and the NBA playoffs (on TNT of course) are two different leagues. Scratch that, they are two different sports. With this said, there are a few points that must be made (some reiterated from NCAA Basketball March Madness).

  • Analyze That- Expect the Sharks results to dramatically improve as the playoffs progress. As stated, the regular season and playoffs are very different. As the sample size for playoff games increases I will be able to factor more statistics into my analytics.
  • The Stars at Night are Bright- In the NBA especially, stars will shine. I will try to factor in guys that typically go off into my Fanduel lineup. Odds are… they will.
  • Zen Master- Matchup’s are vital as usual BUT for a different reason. Expect more blowouts in the NBA. I will take players in anticipation of this. High scoring teams (Western Conference) will see higher over/ unders and players from these teams will score more.

Sharks Picks

Point Guard Stephen Curry $9,900 NO @ GS

Matchup City. Obviously the MVP candidate goes off most of the time, but I think the Warriors will dominate this series. They are just a flat-out better team. Look for Steph to continue to impress. If that’s not convincing enough, watch the video below ASAP.

*Point Guard Derrick Rose $6,100 MIL @ CHI

Small Guard Klay Thompson $7,100 NO @ GS

Thing 1, Thing 2. I couldn’t take one splash brother without the other. Klay and Steph are pretty much a guarantee in this series.

Small Guard Eric Gordon $5,100 NO @ GS

Gordon is pretty consistent. I take him knowing what I will get in return. He will drop around 20 Fanduel points. At his price this is worth it as the Small Guard position is not too deep in this Fanduel. 

Small Forward Quincy Pondexter $4,200 NO @ GS

The Pelicans will need a dark horse if they want to steal a few games in this series. Pondexter had a stellar night in game 1. I will take a shot with him and see if he can go back to back like the Green Bay Packers in 1999-1967.

Small Forward Harrison Barnes $4,200 NO @ GS

Another consistent guy that will eclipse 20 Fanduel points. I like him because he doesn’t turn the ball over. If he’s feeling aggressive he will also grab some extra rebounds. This will inflate his score.

Power Forward Anthony Davis $11,800 NO @ GS

Anthony “The Brow” Davis. The guy is an athletic freak on the rise. He continues to grow as a player and impress the hell out of me. He is very expensive but has the potential to carry your lineup himself.

Power Forward Taj Gibson $4,900 MIL @ CHI

Pay attention to the pre-game shoot around as he is listed as a game time decision. The report says he should play, but I would like to give you the courtesy of letting you know. He has a lot of playoff experience and feels comfortable in the big moments. I think the Bulls will use him over Nikola Mirotic.

Center Andrew Bogut $6,000 NO @ GS

*Steal of the Night. My steal of the night is the one and only Derrick Rose. Yes, he’s a big name, yes everybody knows him. Since returning from injury he has seen consistent improvement, and a consistent increase in minutes. He is clearly undervalued and a MEGA-steal at $6,100. He is a must start. 

Screen Shot 2015-04-19 at 11.00.19 PM

Scrub of the Week

Nikola Mirotic is your scrub of the week. I think the Bulls are too deep for this guy to be utilized. He will receive his typical minutes, but will not see a lot of action. I think he is too inconsistent. As the third highest priced Power Forward, he is not worth it.

Lock it in.

-JR the Shark


5 thoughts on “Tumbling Dice

  1. As always I am with you all the way it’s always fun to read what the shark has to say you’re the best win lose or draw


  2. The Shark has proved to me that he is one of the best. I will continue to follow him in the playoffs {NBA and NHL] I am sure as good as he is he will improve as the playoffs progress.


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