The Miracle of Joey Ramone

NCAA Basketball for 3/28/15

Quick Recap

As Russell Hammond said in Almost Famous, “I AM A GOLDEN GOD!” The Shark is A GOLDEN GOD. The streak continues as JR the Shark finished first, that’s right first in last weeks Fanduel. (See results below). I hope Mrs. Gaffney, my 9th grade english teacher, is reading to see my use of epimone within sentences.

Screen Shot 2015-03-28 at 4.37.31 PM

Screen Shot 2015-03-28 at 4.38.00 PM

My projected steal of the night was Scoochie Smith and he was truly a phenomenal Fanduel player. He dropped 29 Fanduel points, which marks two weeks in a row that my steal of the night has been a monster. The Shark is looking as consistent as Steve Nash at the foul line (name dropped in honor of his recent retirement.) That is three consecutive top three finishes. I am no miracle, I am the Shark.

Who Dat?

In addition to my recent Fanduel success, my four Final Four teams are still alive (Kentucky, Wisconsin, Michigan State, and Duke). As seen in my previous post, I did pick Wisconsin to be the national champions this year. As of late they have not been looking like their rock solid selves which begs me to ask the same question as Drew Brees “Who Dat?”. Need those boys to step up tonight against the ferocious Arizona defense. Maybe this will pump them up.

Sharks Picks

Please note that this weeks lineup will utilize all the Elite Eight games. Keep in mind there are 2 games Saturday and 2 games Sunday.

Forward Nigel Hayes $7,200 ARZNA @ WISCN

As you may know by know Hayes is one of my go to guys. Hasn’t let me down yet. He is also a pretty confident guy as you can see in the clip below.

Forward Kaleb Tarczewski $6,400 ARZNA @ WISCN

Hollis-Jefferson is banged up. This big guy will step up tonight, although the Cats will not win this game. I think he will compete with Kaminsky on the boards.

Forward Branden Dawson $8,000 MCHST @ LOUIS

SPARTY! Dawson is a beast and will have a tough time with Harrell, BUT he will prevail. I anticipate a battle more intense than World War I in this game.

*Forward Zach Auguste $6,600 NDAME @ KTCKY

Forward Przemek Karnowski $6,800 GONZ @ DUKE

The other European. I love both of the “Ski’s” tonight. Tarczewski and Karnowski. Both play fundamental basketball and will be needed by their squads.

Guard Denzel Valentine $8,300 MCHST @ LOUIS

Roll with this guy. That is all.

Guard Wayne Blakshear $6,000 MCHST @ LOUIS

SHOOTER. He will be good for 3 three pointers and has really been playing his best ball as of late. Although he is not as good as the dismissed Chris Jones, he has really become a factor on the Cardinals.

Guard Tyler Ulis $5,500 NDAME @ KTCKY 

I normally shy away from anyone on Kentucky because of lack of minutes, but Ulis actually gets playing time and is pretty consistent. Use this guy to relieve some salary cap.

Guard Bronson Koenig $5,200 ARZNA @ WISCN

*Steal of the night. Zach Auguste. The guy plays big and is a presence in the paint. Kentucky will win this game but someone on Notre Dame has to put up numbers. I think he will get his fair share of points and boards as he will likely play a majority of the game to compete with the Kentucky skyscrapers. 

Screen Shot 2015-03-28 at 6.10.01 PM

Scrub of the Week

And the scrub of the week… Rondae Hollis-Jefferson. Wisco will win this game, and RHJ is banged up. Considering the Wisconsin defense this will not be good for him. Yeah he’s a look down defender but there is no Fanduel stat for that.

Lock it in.

-JR the Shark


4 thoughts on “The Miracle of Joey Ramone

  1. Coming down to the end Shark.. Thanks fir helping me through this season .. I’ll look forward to next year and perhaps football season ..
    Thanks pal


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