Gimme Shelter

Quick Recap

Hit it Mick.

“Oh a storm is threat’ning

my very life today….”

Though the city of Baltimore is on lockdown, and I am confined to a curfew, JR the Shark will still lock in his lineup. Like the situation in Charm City, sometimes things are just out of the Sharks control. I finished 12th in last weeks NBA Fanduel. (Please see results below). These results are a bit misleading because of the performance of Mike Dunleavy. The Small Forward posted a Fanduel score of -1 points. In the words of the man, the myth, the legend, Chris Berman @The_ChrisBerman C’mon Man!! If Dunleavy were to drop anywhere around his average the Shark would have finished in the top 5. But hey, if the Shark had last weeks lotto numbers he would be a millionaire. So we cannot talk in hypotheticals.

Screen Shot 2015-04-30 at 2.24.52 PM

Screen Shot 2015-04-30 at 2.25.10 PM

Movin’ Out

  • Just like Billy Joel, some teams will be Movin’ Out after these games. The Shark will be playing attention to teams facing elimination and will roll with players that I believe will lead their teams to the next round, or save their teams from being knocked out.
  • How about those minutes? The Spurs have a Socialist mentality with the distribution of their minutes, which it makes it tough for me to incorporate them into my Fanduel lineup. (See their distribution below). This strategy works well for them as a team AKA why the Shark picked them to repeat as World Champions. With that said, be aware of this for Fanduel purposes.

Screen Shot 2015-04-30 at 2.38.01 PM

Sharks Picks

Point Guard Derrick Rose $7,700 CHI @ MIL

This should not come as a surprise. Rose is too much of a competitor to have two terrible games in a row. He will bounce back tonight and lead the Bulls to a win to close out the series.

Point Guard Tony Parker $4,900 LAC @ SA

What ankle!? I know he is banged up but with his price that low he is a must play. The Spurs big three always shows up int the big games. They will win tonight with a solid collaborative performance.

Small Guard Joe Johnson $6,700 ATL @ BKN

Joey J is just too consistent. I know exactly where he will score. Expect low to mid 30’s with Fanduel points. He will play a lot of minutes as the Nets look to avoid elimination.

Small Guard Kyle Korver $5,400 ATL @ BKN

I can say I am shocked his price is still where it is. Korver has been a beast this post season. Not only is he hitting his shots but he is also a presence in the paint snagging a bunch of boards.

Small Forward Khris Middleton $6,700 CHI @ MIL

Midd is the offensive focal point of the Bucks. He leads the squad in scoring this post season. With the injury to Carter-Williams, Middleton will get even more looks.

Small Forward DeMarre Carroll $6,100 ATL @ BKN

I keep taking this guy and he keeps performing. My father always taught me if it ain’t broken, then don’t fix it.

*Power Forward Boris Diaw $5,000 LAC @ SA

Power Forward Pau Gasol $8,500 CHI @ MIL

Rose to Gasol. I took both with hopes of doubling up on points when Rose assists Gasol and vice versa. Gasol is the main offensive big man since Noah is a non-factor on that side of the ball.

Center DeAndre Jordan $9,000 LAC @ SA

Not Michael, DeAndre. I expect a big night in the paint for him. As the focus keeps shifting towards Griffen, Jordan will be able to capitalize.

*Steal of the night. The big boy. Boris Diaw. I love what I have been seeing from this guy. He has been playing great this post season. The Spurs and coach Pop are utilizing him more because of match-ups. Diaw has been getting a lot of Splitters playing time and I expect that to continue. He will put up a solid performance especially at $5,000. He is so damn versatile. 

Screen Shot 2015-04-30 at 4.04.53 PM

Scrub of the Week

Chris Paul AKA CP3 AKA Cliff Paul is your scrub of the week. Paul is priced at $10,400, this is a bit too much for my liking. Your defending champions, the Spurs, will close this series out at home tonight. The Clippers have been relying on Paul way too much and I see him being fatigued going into tonights game. Spurs win, Paul loses.

Lock it in.

-JR the Shark


Everybody Loves JR the Shark

NBA for 4/27/15

The Fundamentals 

Coach Silverstein always emphasized a few things in 2nd grade basketball: Rebounding, Foul Shots, and DOUBLE TEAM IN THE PAINT. While we worked on these fundamentals, Coach became an expert at working the refs; who were 6th graders…. By the way the Cold Spring Harbor Lakers took the title that year (our team). Just saying.

The word rebound has two definitions.

  1. bounce back through the air after hitting a hard surface or object.
  2. recover in value, amount, or strength after a previous decrease or decline.

This week the Shark will meet both of these requirements. The players in my Fanduel lineup will be a presence in the paint like Dikembe Mutombo. I emphasized big men, realizing they have the most NBA upside in Fanduel. 

Sharks Picks

Point Guard Derrick Rose $6,100 MIL @ CHI

The Fanduel gods are really shining down on us today. Rose has been putting up big performances this entire series and his value is still relatively low. Look for D-Rose to lead Chi-town in a big win at home to close out this series.

Point Guard Damian Lillard $7,500 MEM @ POR

The Blazers are too good to get swept in this series. They will get a win at home because of improved play from Lillard. They desperately need the Damian from 2014. Maybe last years playoffs will inspire him….

*Small Guard Courtney Lee $4,100 MEM @ POR

Small Guard Kyle Korver $5,200 ATL @ BKN

Tres, trios, drie, tria, three. After a subpar game I expect the sharpshooter to explode from three point range. Korver will drop 5-7 from behind the arc.

Small Forward DeMarre Carroll $5,800 ATL @ BKN

This guy is pretty consistent and well worth his price. He plays his best when he is actively rebounding. He needs to crash the boards to be successful.

Small Forward Mike Dunleavy $4,600 MIL @ CHI

The intangibles man. Dunleavy is a hybrid, the best of both worlds, peanut butter AND jelly. A big man that shoots threes…. what more could you want? Oh did I mention he also plays 30+ minutes a game?

Power Forward LaMarcus Aldridge $9,400 MEM @ POR

I predict a double-double from the big man. He is just too good. (I hope my Knicks get him in the offseason.)

Power Forward Paul Gasol $8,800 MIL @ CHI

Like Jenny from the block, Gasol has been around the block a time or two. He has been playing like a beast this postseason and expect this to continue at home.

Center Marc Gasol $8,400 MEM @ POR

I’ve got some good vibrations about Marky Mark. He’s dropped over 38 Fanduel points in every postseason game this year. He is well worth his price.

*Steal of the night. Memphis leads this series 3-0. With Mike Conley out for this game, and Tony Allen still banged up, I see Lee getting an expanded roll. I see him scoring well above his Fanduel average of 17.1 Fanduel points. Play Lee to relieve some salary cap. 

Screen Shot 2015-04-26 at 10.03.27 PM

Scrub of the Week

Your scrub of the week is…. Jimmy Butler. He has been playing great lately, which has drastically increased his Fanduel price. Everyone has a bad night or at least a drop off once in a while. This will be Butlers. He is not worth $8,700, I would avoid him at all costs.

Lock it in.

-JR the Shark

Tumbling Dice

NBA for 4/20/15

Deja Who…. Deja Vu

There is undoubtedly a difference between picking players on a whim and performing the weekly analytics to be successful. Since the Shark has been documenting his picks he has been “in the money” 55% percent of the time. For avid Fanduel”ers” you know this is through the roof. For rookies to Fanduel, you should know this is through the roof. Reading this blog is pretty much comparable to Biff Tannen’s Sports Almanac in Back to the Future Part II. 


Going forward, the Shark will be mixing up NHL and NBA lineups based on matchup preferences and streaks. If I am seeing success with one of the two I will ride that wave. After being impressed with the effort level in some of the first round NBA playoff games, the Shark will lock in a Fanduel. 

Are We Actually Talking About Playoffs?

Contrary to Jim Mora’s beliefs, yes we are talking about playoffs. In my opinion the NBA regular season and the NBA playoffs (on TNT of course) are two different leagues. Scratch that, they are two different sports. With this said, there are a few points that must be made (some reiterated from NCAA Basketball March Madness).

  • Analyze That- Expect the Sharks results to dramatically improve as the playoffs progress. As stated, the regular season and playoffs are very different. As the sample size for playoff games increases I will be able to factor more statistics into my analytics.
  • The Stars at Night are Bright- In the NBA especially, stars will shine. I will try to factor in guys that typically go off into my Fanduel lineup. Odds are… they will.
  • Zen Master- Matchup’s are vital as usual BUT for a different reason. Expect more blowouts in the NBA. I will take players in anticipation of this. High scoring teams (Western Conference) will see higher over/ unders and players from these teams will score more.

Sharks Picks

Point Guard Stephen Curry $9,900 NO @ GS

Matchup City. Obviously the MVP candidate goes off most of the time, but I think the Warriors will dominate this series. They are just a flat-out better team. Look for Steph to continue to impress. If that’s not convincing enough, watch the video below ASAP.

*Point Guard Derrick Rose $6,100 MIL @ CHI

Small Guard Klay Thompson $7,100 NO @ GS

Thing 1, Thing 2. I couldn’t take one splash brother without the other. Klay and Steph are pretty much a guarantee in this series.

Small Guard Eric Gordon $5,100 NO @ GS

Gordon is pretty consistent. I take him knowing what I will get in return. He will drop around 20 Fanduel points. At his price this is worth it as the Small Guard position is not too deep in this Fanduel. 

Small Forward Quincy Pondexter $4,200 NO @ GS

The Pelicans will need a dark horse if they want to steal a few games in this series. Pondexter had a stellar night in game 1. I will take a shot with him and see if he can go back to back like the Green Bay Packers in 1999-1967.

Small Forward Harrison Barnes $4,200 NO @ GS

Another consistent guy that will eclipse 20 Fanduel points. I like him because he doesn’t turn the ball over. If he’s feeling aggressive he will also grab some extra rebounds. This will inflate his score.

Power Forward Anthony Davis $11,800 NO @ GS

Anthony “The Brow” Davis. The guy is an athletic freak on the rise. He continues to grow as a player and impress the hell out of me. He is very expensive but has the potential to carry your lineup himself.

Power Forward Taj Gibson $4,900 MIL @ CHI

Pay attention to the pre-game shoot around as he is listed as a game time decision. The report says he should play, but I would like to give you the courtesy of letting you know. He has a lot of playoff experience and feels comfortable in the big moments. I think the Bulls will use him over Nikola Mirotic.

Center Andrew Bogut $6,000 NO @ GS

*Steal of the Night. My steal of the night is the one and only Derrick Rose. Yes, he’s a big name, yes everybody knows him. Since returning from injury he has seen consistent improvement, and a consistent increase in minutes. He is clearly undervalued and a MEGA-steal at $6,100. He is a must start. 

Screen Shot 2015-04-19 at 11.00.19 PM

Scrub of the Week

Nikola Mirotic is your scrub of the week. I think the Bulls are too deep for this guy to be utilized. He will receive his typical minutes, but will not see a lot of action. I think he is too inconsistent. As the third highest priced Power Forward, he is not worth it.

Lock it in.

-JR the Shark

Iceman, Maverick, and Goose

NHL for 4/11/15

Quick Recap

The tree must fall. Wisco finally met its maker when the Badgers lost to Duke Monday night. That ends March Madness folks; and madness it was. The Sharks first NHL Fanduel lineup was nothing more than mediocre, sorry to disappoint. (See results below.) However, there were a lot of solid picks and there is great upside for the Shark.

Screen Shot 2015-04-10 at 10.05.51 PM

Screen Shot 2015-04-10 at 10.06.20 PM

As Robert Frost said, “Two roads diverged in a yellow wood…” I don’t know what the hell he was talking about but the two roads the Shark is referencing are the start of the NHL and NBA playoffs (both next week). We get to WITNESS (respect to @KingJames) professional basketball players actually try, AND the greatest and most intense playoff race in all sports, the race for the Stanley Cup. Additionally, tune in to the Masters at Augusta this weekend, DraftKings has implemented a lineup for PGA majors, which is pretty cool but my heart and loyalty is with Fanduel. Check out this hype video for the masters below. I will personally guarantee a chill will run down your spine.

Fanduel 101

  • The Shark learned a few things about Fanduel NHL last week that should be noted in addition to “The Clipboard” guidelines referenced last week.
  • Do not over pay for a goalie. Goaltenders as a whole are priced higher than any other position. For the most part they all perform about the same, unless there is a blowout. The only reason to overspend on this position is a phenomenal matchup.
  • Look for guys who take a lot of shots on goal. This week I tried to use this as one of my main guidelines. Everyone knows I love consistency and this is one of the few statistics that can really be evaluated.
  • This is the last day of the regular season. I incorporated players who are playing for seeding and a playoff spots. I know the effort will be there and inevitably a higher likelihood of performing.

Sharks Picks

Left Wing Daniel Sedin $6,700 EDM @ VAN

Not to be confused with his twin brother, the left winger can flat out play. He has had either a goal or an assist in 7 of his last 10 games. Roll Tide.

Left Wing Brad Marchand $5,300 BOS @ TB

As a Ranger fan I hate to say it but I like Boston in this one. The Islanders beating the Penguins tonight leaves some hope for the Bruins to make the playoffs. I think they are going to to make a statement against the Lightning on the road.

Right Wing Nick Foligno $6,800 CLS @ NYI

Oh so consistent. He is incredible. Foligno performs every week and has take 5 shots on goal in his last two games.

Right Wing Taylor Beck $3,100 NSH @ DAL

Beck is typically on the 4th line and doesn’t see much ice time. I did need a salary cap reliever and he does take some shots on goal in every game. In a virtually meaningless game I think Beck will see some more playing time as some starters will be rested.

Center Jonathan Toews $7,600 VHI @ COL

My main squeeze. Toews has had a remarkable season and is on fire lately. Expect his success to continue as the playoffs approach.

Center Patrice Bergeron $6,100 BOS @ TB


Defense P.K. Subban $6,300 MON @ TOR

I always have good things to say about this guy. He does it all and gives 110% every night. Can’t wait to watch this guy in the playoffs.

Defense Duncan Keith $4,700 CHI @ COL

I think Keith is a total steal in this one. A Chicago win will move them up in the playoff seeding. Keith thrives in the playoffs, look for his Fanduel performances to keep increasing.

*Goalie Ryan Miller $8,400 EDM @ VAN

*Steal of the night. Miller will make his first start since February 22 due to injury. The Canucks are facing a terrible Oilers team. I think Miller will have a great performance to gain some confidence going into the playoff. Everyone knows how good Ryan is when he is healthy. At $8,400 he is a total steal.

Screen Shot 2015-04-10 at 11.14.07 PM

Scrub of the Week

The scrub of the week is Steven Stamkos. I think Tampa will give him a rest, whether it be a reduction in minutes or him being a healthy scratch. I advise against starting this guy.

Lock it in.

-JR the Shark

“The Times They Are A-Changin'”

NHL for 4/5/15

Quick Recap

All good things must come to an end. I say this as three tears stream down my left cheek onto my keyboard. The Shark finished 6th in last weeks NCAA Basketball Fanduel. (Please see results below). This ends a streak of three consecutive top three finishes. But this is not why I am an emotional reck… There is only one more game left of March Madness.

 Screen Shot 2015-04-05 at 3.03.00 PM

Screen Shot 2015-04-05 at 3.03.19 PM

Wisco vs. Duke for the title just as JR the Shark predicted (with Wisco winning it all). Say it with me “Frank the Tank, Frank the Tank!” Please take 1 minute and 27 seconds out of your day and enjoy the AP Player of the Year Frank Kaminsky being well, Frank Kaminsky in the video below. The Shark is currently in the 99.2% on ESPN brackets. With all four Final Four teams correct, and the Finals matchup correct, what can’t the Shark do?

Stranger Tides

  • As the Madness comes to and end, JR the Shark will be providing lineups for NBA and NHL. As you know it is difficult for me to take the NBA regular season seriously. This week I will lock in a Fanduel lineup for the NHL games. This is my first time locking in an NHL lineup, so bare with me. Please see the Fanduel scoring format below.

Screen Shot 2015-04-05 at 2.33.24 PM

To the Clipboard

  1. Hit-or-Miss- My first NHL Fanduel observation is that most players either do very well or do not perform at all. There is very little middle ground. I preach consistency. If there is any at all, I WILL find it.
  2. Negatives- Additionally, there is a very likely possibility of scoring in the negatives. In fact, every player I analyzed this week has scored in the negatives at least once this season.
  3. Minutes- I will use similar strategies as seen in NCAA Basketball Fanduel. Minutes played is always important because the more time a player spends on the ice, the more opportunities they will have to perform.
  4. Goals and Goalies- Goals are obviously the most important stat line in Fanduel. Look for players that are shooters. It is important to analyze how many shots are taken by each player and who finds the net. Additionally, goalies CAN AND WILL put your team on their backs. Find a goalie with a great matchup and roll with him.
  5. BIG Names- After looking at the players listed this week it appears that the Fanduel analytics team raises the prices on big name players. Take your time and look through the list. A lot of players get ice time and there are many potential sleepers.
  6. Injuries and Time Off- Make sure the player selected is actually playing that night. Injuries in the NHL are common and a player can receive a night off at any moment, especially with the playoffs rapidly approaching.

Sharks Picks

Left Wing James van Riemsdyk $5,800 OTT @ TOR

The guy has been hot as of late. He has performed, and performed well in his last four games. I like him at home tonight.

Left Wing Teemu Pulkkinen $3,000 WAS @ DET

He was taken as a salary cap reliever. Pulkkinen is a young player with talent. I am not expecting a multiple goal performance. But, I like Detroit to win this game and believe he will have a positive plus/minus differential.

Right Wing Marian Hossa $7,300 STL @ CHI

Chi-Town. I am a Rangers fan but I think Chicago is one of the teams to beat. Look for them to stay hot as the playoffs approaches and they have won 4 in a row. Hossa has been around for a while and shines in the bigger moments.

Right Wing T.J. Oshie $6,300 STL @ CHI

USA! USA! Many of you may remember Oshie from the 2014 Winter Olympics. He has been described as an American hero. This was not an anomaly, he is actually a pretty solid NHL player. He is an assist king and is playing his best hockey right now.

Center Jonathan Toews $8,000 STL @ CHI

Hes scored a goal in 4 of the last 5 games for the Blackhawks. He plays a lot of minutes and will score tonight.

*Center Aleksander Barkov $4,600 MON @ FLA

Defense P.K. Subban $6,300 MON @ FLA

Just so gritty. This guy is a defender that does it all. He can score, and is constantly all over the ice. He’s a phantom.

Defense Jeff Petry $3,700 MON @ FLA

I like the Canadians tonight so I went with the whole package. 2 defenders, and the goalie. I think there is the possibility of a shutout with a banged up Panthers team.

Goalie Carey Price $9,900 MON @ FLA

Shutout alert! This is a big game for the Canadians and I think they will respond. I splurged on Price so I hope he’s worth it.

*Steal of the Night. Aleksander Barkov. With the season ending back injury to Nick Bjugstad last week, the 19-year-old Barkov will have a great opportunity to shine. I think he will see the puck a lot and have some great chances in this one. 

Screen Shot 2015-04-05 at 3.55.53 PM

Scrub of the Week

Alexander Ovechkin. At $9,800 he will be the scrub of the week. I do not like Washington at Detroit this week. I did not take one player on the Capitals as I think the Red Wings will win in a blowout. Ovechkin is coming off a shaky performance against Ottawa and I believe he will have another bust night.

Lock it in.

-JR the Shark

The Miracle of Joey Ramone

NCAA Basketball for 3/28/15

Quick Recap

As Russell Hammond said in Almost Famous, “I AM A GOLDEN GOD!” The Shark is A GOLDEN GOD. The streak continues as JR the Shark finished first, that’s right first in last weeks Fanduel. (See results below). I hope Mrs. Gaffney, my 9th grade english teacher, is reading to see my use of epimone within sentences.

Screen Shot 2015-03-28 at 4.37.31 PM

Screen Shot 2015-03-28 at 4.38.00 PM

My projected steal of the night was Scoochie Smith and he was truly a phenomenal Fanduel player. He dropped 29 Fanduel points, which marks two weeks in a row that my steal of the night has been a monster. The Shark is looking as consistent as Steve Nash at the foul line (name dropped in honor of his recent retirement.) That is three consecutive top three finishes. I am no miracle, I am the Shark.

Who Dat?

In addition to my recent Fanduel success, my four Final Four teams are still alive (Kentucky, Wisconsin, Michigan State, and Duke). As seen in my previous post, I did pick Wisconsin to be the national champions this year. As of late they have not been looking like their rock solid selves which begs me to ask the same question as Drew Brees “Who Dat?”. Need those boys to step up tonight against the ferocious Arizona defense. Maybe this will pump them up.

Sharks Picks

Please note that this weeks lineup will utilize all the Elite Eight games. Keep in mind there are 2 games Saturday and 2 games Sunday.

Forward Nigel Hayes $7,200 ARZNA @ WISCN

As you may know by know Hayes is one of my go to guys. Hasn’t let me down yet. He is also a pretty confident guy as you can see in the clip below.

Forward Kaleb Tarczewski $6,400 ARZNA @ WISCN

Hollis-Jefferson is banged up. This big guy will step up tonight, although the Cats will not win this game. I think he will compete with Kaminsky on the boards.

Forward Branden Dawson $8,000 MCHST @ LOUIS

SPARTY! Dawson is a beast and will have a tough time with Harrell, BUT he will prevail. I anticipate a battle more intense than World War I in this game.

*Forward Zach Auguste $6,600 NDAME @ KTCKY

Forward Przemek Karnowski $6,800 GONZ @ DUKE

The other European. I love both of the “Ski’s” tonight. Tarczewski and Karnowski. Both play fundamental basketball and will be needed by their squads.

Guard Denzel Valentine $8,300 MCHST @ LOUIS

Roll with this guy. That is all.

Guard Wayne Blakshear $6,000 MCHST @ LOUIS

SHOOTER. He will be good for 3 three pointers and has really been playing his best ball as of late. Although he is not as good as the dismissed Chris Jones, he has really become a factor on the Cardinals.

Guard Tyler Ulis $5,500 NDAME @ KTCKY 

I normally shy away from anyone on Kentucky because of lack of minutes, but Ulis actually gets playing time and is pretty consistent. Use this guy to relieve some salary cap.

Guard Bronson Koenig $5,200 ARZNA @ WISCN

*Steal of the night. Zach Auguste. The guy plays big and is a presence in the paint. Kentucky will win this game but someone on Notre Dame has to put up numbers. I think he will get his fair share of points and boards as he will likely play a majority of the game to compete with the Kentucky skyscrapers. 

Screen Shot 2015-03-28 at 6.10.01 PM

Scrub of the Week

And the scrub of the week… Rondae Hollis-Jefferson. Wisco will win this game, and RHJ is banged up. Considering the Wisconsin defense this will not be good for him. Yeah he’s a look down defender but there is no Fanduel stat for that.

Lock it in.

-JR the Shark

Ides of March

NCAA Basketball for 3/22/15

Quick Recap

Well, it was back to back solid performances from the Shark. I finished third in last weeks Fanduel, which means I am peaking at the right time. (Please find results below). Like my boys from Wisconsin, I am going into the tournament with confidence. My steal of the night prediction, Wayne Selden Jr., went off like a man possessed with 29 Fanduel points. I watched the game and the guy was unconscious.

Screen Shot 2015-03-22 at 4.52.33 PM

Screen Shot 2015-03-22 at 4.53.29 PM

March Madness

  • The Road to Indy- These next few weeks I will bask in glory as the MADNESS is perhaps the greatest time of the year. I am happy to say my Final Four is still alive. JR the Shark has Kentucky, Wisconsin, Michigan State, and Duke moving on to Indianapolis, with Wisco taking out the Blue Devils in the finals.

Sharks Picks

Forward Kendall Pollard $5,600 DF @ OKLA

Dayton needs someone to step up in the paint against the hungry Sooners. You know Dyshawn Pierre will get his points, but look for Pollard to be the hustle player in this game.

Forward Nigel Hayes $7,200 ORGN @ WISCN

Mr. Reliable. His name gets overshadowed by Kaminsky and Dekker, but Hayes is the key to the Badgers success. The upperclassman shows up every week.

Forward Devin Williams $7,100 WSTVA @ MRLND

I love fundamental basketball. Thats what this guy does. Devin Williams crashes the boards, boxes out, and mentors others. He is the man. Check out this video of Williams teaching teammate Jonathan Holton to box out in the middle of their first round game!! There is never a bad time to learn.

Forward TaShawn Thomas $7,400 DF @ OKLA

I couldn’t decide between teammates Thomas and Spangler. After looking at the stats Thomas has outperformed Spangler and has much more upside. I am rolling with Thomas.

Forward Przemek Karnowski $6,200 IOWA @ GONZ

So this guy does not play a ton of minutes, but the time he spends on the court is quite impressive. After watching him clean up on the offensive boards in the second round, I knew he was my guy.

*Guard Scoochie Smith $5,900 DF @ OKLA

Guard Kevin Pangos $7,300 IOWA @ GONZ

The leader of the Bulldogs. I actually do not think Gonzaga is a great team, but boy is this guy a great player. He has played two full games in a row. Thats right, 40 minutes. And this guy can shoot the ball. I like him tonight.

Guard Buddy Hield $8,100 DF @ OKLA

I splurged on Hield. It was a toss up between him and Terry Rozier of Louisville. Hield is the offensive focal point for the Sooners and I expect him to have a huge night.

Guard Bronson Koenig $5,200 ORGN @ WISCN

Though he doesn’t score that much, he is on the floor often. I expect Wisconsin to have a big night and for $5,200 he will be worth it.

*Steal of the night. “Scooby” Scoochie Smith is the steal of the night, and not only because I love saying this guys name. Smith has the ability to do it all. The Flyers game against the Sooners tonight will be a close one. I think Smith will be the guy to take a big shot down the stretch. He will also be the X factor in this one if Dayton wants an appearance in the Sweet 16.

Screen Shot 2015-03-22 at 5.23.11 PM

Scrub of the Week

Joseph Young. As you know by now, I love Wisconsin. Young is really the only offensive threat on Oregon. I think the Badgers will shut this guy down with ease. Even if he does a bit of scoring he will not be worth his $9,900 value. He is overpriced, and will underperform. Wisconsin = utter destruction.

Lock it in.

-JR the Shark

The 6th Man

NCAA Basketball for 3/14/15

Quick Recap

Last week was a big one for the Shark. I was so confident with my Fanduel picks I entered the same exact lineup in two different leagues. I promised I would be better, and like Mario Chalmers in the 2008 National Championship, I rose to the occasion.

JR the Shark finished 2nd in one league, and 3rd in the other league. Two top three finishes… This is unheard of! (See results below.) In the spirit of March Madness, I am getting hot at the right time. Not only were the Sharks lineups money last week, but so were the individual player predictions. Frank Kaminsky my projected Scrub of the Week scored 29.5 Fanduel points. I projected around 30 points, which was spot on. Not that he was awful, but at his price of $10,600 he was well under his value and under his season average, which made him a scrub. Additionally, the Maryland backcourt of Wells and Trimble went off both eclipsing 30 Fanduel points.

Screen Shot 2015-03-14 at 4.13.38 PM

Screen Shot 2015-03-14 at 3.58.14 PM

Screen Shot 2015-03-14 at 3.58.29 PM

Rise to be Rewarded

  • Tonight there will be one question… Who will step up? With four of the major conference tournaments involved in tonights Fanduel, each of the eight teams will be looking for an unsung hero. When looking at the prices of each player, the leaders are priced very high this week and the role players are much lower. I have incorporated a mix of the two. Hopefully, my role players will rise.

Sharks Picks

Forward Georges Niang $8,400 IOWST @ KANS

SUPER HOT FIRE. As of late Niang has been EN FUEGO. He has had 30+ points in his last four games and has been the key to the Cyclones success. I am riding this wave, no question.

Forward Jameel McKay $8,200 IOWST @ KANS

The guy is consistent what else can I say. He gets the minutes and has been solid all year. I also could not take Niang without his partner in crime McKay. With the injury to Perry Ellis and the release of Cliff Alexander I expect both of Iowa States big men to have big nights.

Forward Rondae Hollis-Jefferson $7,100 ORGN @ ARZNA

I think RHJ is the key to Arizona’s success. When he performs, the team succeeds. In a big game with a big stage, the big man will show up. Expect 2+ blocks from this guy and some clutch points in the paint down the stretch of this game.

Forward Matt Stainbrook $6,600 XAV @ VLLNV

I stayed away from this guy during the regular season as Xavier has a Socialist mentality when distributing minutes, but the guy has been great as of late and I think his rebounding will be important for a victory.

Forward Dillon Brooks $5,500 ORGN @ ARZNA

Brooks is one of the players that will need to step up big time if Oregon wants to take the title. He has seen an increased role as the season has progressed. Tonight he will have to shine.

Guard Dylan Ennis $6,200 XAV @ VLLNV

This game will be high scoring and Ennis is one of the go to guys on this squad. He is another one of those players that needs to step up and I am counting on it.

*Guard Wayne Selden Jr. $5,000 IOWST @ KANS

Guard Marcus Paige $8,000 UNC @ NDAME

The UNC big men are banged up. Paige is the emotional leader of this team. I truly believe the upper class-man will go off tonight for the Heels.

Guard Steve Vasturia $4,900 UNC @ NDAME

I needed to take someone inexpensive to stay under the salary cap. Vasturia gets 30+ minutes a night, but the Fanduel points have not been there. If Jerian Grant gets the defenses focus, I could see this guy having a solid night.

*Steal of the night. Wayne Selden Jr. He has been hit or miss all year. I have seen this guy go 0 for 7, and I have seen him drop 20 points. Unlike Burger King you never know what you’re going to get. Tonight you will get a warrior. This game will come down to the end and Jr. will have a large role.

Screen Shot 2015-03-14 at 5.15.15 PM

Scrub of the Week

The scrub of the night will be Perry Ellis. Ellis has recently returned from a knee injury. Kansas needs him if they want to win the Big-12 tournament, but he has seen a reduction in minutes since he has returned. He is clearly not 100% healthy and I think he will have a hard time battling in the trenches when he has to deal with Iowa Staes duo of Niang and McKay. Although all season he has been Mr. Reliable, and a stud. Tonight, he will be a scrub.

Lock it in.

-JR the Shark

Calm Before the Storm

NCAA Basketball for 3/8/15

With the regular season coming to a close and conference tournaments starting, this will be my last NCAA basketball regular season line up. BUT do not fret, the Shark will be locking in tournament predictions as well as foolproof Fanduel lineups for tournament week as well as the big dance, which is just TWO WEEKS AWAY. SB Nation did a great piece on conference tournaments including contenders, favorites, and implications. I highly recommend taking a look when managing your lineups over the next two weeks (click below).

SB Nation: conference tournament cheat sheet

Guts and Determination

Just two years ago we saw Florida State come out of no where and shock the ACC with a tournament win and an automatic bid to the NCAA tournament. With higher takes on the line, teams and consequently players can elevate their games or fold under the pressure.

  1. The Big Guns- When wins are a must, teams begin to cater their game plans to shut down players. Be aware that some of the big players may not perform because of this. Others who will go further in the tourney will rise against adversity and continue their dominant performances.
  2. Ride the Momentum- As March Madness approaches, momentum is one of the most important factors when analyzing teams and players. Ask yourself, who’s hot and who’s not? Look at Kemba Walker, Peyton Siva, etc. These guys got hot at the right time and continued their momentum through the end of the tournament. This is very typical of players as the season comes to a close. Look for what they have done lately.
  3. Hold EM’, Fold EM’- Associated with “The Big Guns”, look out for wide gaps in performances. In crunch-time the difference between big games and lower scoring games will be greater. Look for some guys to have very high Fanduel points and other guys to have very low scoring nights.

Sharks Picks

Forward Nigel Hayes $6,900 WISCN @ OHSTA

I love this upper classman heavy Wisconsin team. Associated with some of the points above, I think the Badgers will need someone other than Kaminsky to step up in this one. Hayes has been consistent all year and is great in big games. Tonight is his night.

Forward Devonta Pollard $7,400 ECAR @ HOU

Always gets his minutes barring he can stay out of foul trouble. In a virtually meaningless game, someone needs to score. The junior is a massive presence in the paint and can be a rebounding machine. Plus, it doesn’t hurt that he has had three big performances in a row.

Forward Sam Dekker $6,900 WISCN @ OHSTA

A great leader on this Wisconsin team, Dekker is just as consistent as Hayes. I couldn’t decide between the two so I went with both. These guys will drop their usual 20+ Fanduel points and if Kaminsky is shut down it will be more.

Forward Sam Thompson $6,000 WISCN @ OHSTA

Though he is not the most consistent performer, the guy has eclipsed 36 min in his last six games. He is Ohio States number one forward. That plus the minutes is enough for me.

*Forward Walter Pitchford $4,500 MRLND @ NEB

Guard Melo Trimble $7,800 MRLND @ NEB

Trimble and Wells are arguably the best backcourt in college basketball. I truly felt like I couldn’t take one without the other. I went with both knowing they will both do well, and one will do great.

Guard Dezmine Wells $7,800 MRLND @ NEB

Just a hustler. I watched this guy’s last three games and he dropped 40+ Fanduel points in his last two of three. He plays both ends of the floor with steaming hot passion. I love this guy, and would want him on my squad any day of the week.

Guard Jherrod Stiggers $6,800 ECAR @ HOU

I really like Houston at home in this one. I combined Stiggers with Pollard looking for double points when Stiggers passes to Pollard. Good matchup, at home, lock it in.

Guard Shannon Scott $5,800 WISCN @ OHSTA

Took a shot with Scott tonight. Not because he reminded me of Nathan Scott of One Tree Hill but because its senior night at Ohio State and I expect this guy to step up. Though D’Angelo Russell is a stud, I think he will need to share the wealth with Scott to get a huge upset win.

*Steal of the night. For his price, Walter Pitchfork is my steal of the night. He has seen an increase in minutes and is playing his best basketball as of late. At $4,500 I was able to use him to get some extra big name players and alleviate some cap space. In a tough matchup at home, I think he will score around 20 Fanduel points, which would undoubtably make him worth more than his value. 

Screen Shot 2015-03-08 at 3.38.54 PM

Scrub of the Week

I truly cannot believe I am saying this about one of my personal favorite NCAA basketball players but Frank Kaminsky will be the Scrub of the night. On the road against a gritty Ohio State team, I think they will focus their defensive energy on shutting this guy down. Though I do not think he will perform terribly, I think they will keep him around 30 Fanduel points, which is well under his average, and not worth a $10,600.

Lock it in.

-JR the Shark

The Return of the King

NCAA Basketball for 3/2/15

Quick Recap

Last week was a sub-par performance for the Shark. (Please see results below). As Al Pacino AKA Coach Toby D’Amato so eloquently said in the movie Any Given Sunday, “On any given Sunday you’re gonna win or you’re gonna lose. The point is – can you win or lose like a man?” Though I picked some studs they were combined with some duds. All I can do now is move forward AND personally GUARANTEE  this weeks picks will be a work of art. If you have any common sense you will want to lock them in as JR the Shark always bounces back.

Screen Shot 2015-03-01 at 11.23.00 PM

Screen Shot 2015-03-01 at 11.22.45 PM

On to the Next

This week I sat at my computer with every intention of locking in an NBA Fanduel. After starting my usual research and analytics I began to laugh. The NBA regular season is a complete and utter joke. It’s laughable. Mr. Charles Barkley do you have anything to say on this topic?

Therefore, with conference championship weekend coming up and March Madness right around the corner, I deferred to NCAA basketball.

Back to the Basics

  1. Make a Statement With selection Sunday just two weeks away (March 15th) every game played is more important than ever. Team will be putting their fate in the hands of their most trusted “go-to” players. This week I went back to my three basic guidelines for picking players for my salary cap team, with the addition of analyzing which players are team leaders and veterans.
  2. Floor Time- Though I changed my strategy last week to adapt to the games, this week the theme is consistency. I tried to get as many players as possible playing big minutes while still staying under the salary cap.

Sharks Picks

Forward Georges Niang $7,500 OKLA @ IOWST

Plays a lot of minutes, consistent player, team leader. This guy is everything I am looking for this week. Additionally, look for a big performance as he is a candidate for the Wooden Award.

Forward Jameel McKay $8,000 OKLA @ IOWST

Niang and McKay are arguable the best dynamic duo of big men in college basketball. McKay has been on fire as of late and I see him continuing this streak as Niang draws a lot of attention from opposing defenses. The duo will definitely be busy carrying the Cyclones against the highly ranked Sooners.

Forward Taurean Waller-Prince $7,900 BAYLR @ TEX

Though Baylor has a lot of strong big men including Royce O’Neale and Jonathan Motley, Waller-Prince is the cream of the crop. He’s dropped over 30 Fanduel points in his last three games, and is a huge impact player for Baylor.

Forward Dennis Clifford $5,000 BOSTC @ VTECH

In a game that lacks big men, someone needs to step up. Both of these teams are guard heavy, neither of which have a rebounder to play big in the trenches. I am trying my luck with Clifford as he leads the big ben on Boston College in minutes.

Forward Johnathan Motley $4,600 BAYLR @ TEX

A big presence in the beginning of the season, Motley has struggles as of late. I needed an inexpensive player to stay under the cap and Motley has the most potential of these players. Hopefully, he gets the minutes he has seen in the past.

Guard Malcolm Brogdon $7,300 VIRG @ SYRCS

This will be a low scoring game. Syracuse plays a great zone defense and Brogdon is leading the team in shooting since the absence of Justin Anderson. He is clearly the offensive threat on this Virginia team that is trying to lock up a one seed in the tournament.

Guard Isaiah Cousins $6,500 OKLA @ IOWST

Although Buddy Hield is seen as the go-to guy on the Sooners, Cousins is pretty identical when looking at Fanduel points. with a $1,100 differential between Hield and Cousins, I will take Cousins any day of the week.

*Guard Isaiah Taylor $7,300 BAYLR @ TEX

Guard Adam Smith $5,800 BOSTC @ VTECH

The redshirt-junior is Tech’s most consistent guard in my opinion. This one was tough to analyze, but I went with my gut on this one.

*Steal of the night. As a Longhorn fan, I love Taylor this week. Texas is ice-cold as of late and if they want any chance at getting into the big dance they will need a win at home against Baylor. Taylor is their best player since the return of Jonathan Holmes who has been terrible. Taylor WILL have a big night. Hook ’em Horns.


Scrub of the Week

This week please avoid any player on Syracuse, especially Rakeem Christmas. Christmas is the most expensive player Monday night at $10,100. Virginia is probably the best defense in the country and needs a win to lock up a one seed in the tournament. They WILL contain Christmas, he is not worth his price this week.

Lock it in.

~JR the Shark